A few weeks back I decided to try starting my own prompt for Tuesdays, #TeaAndTalesTuesday. I had just inherited a beautiful tea set from my aunt that belonged to my Nanna, and had also just acquired The Tales of Beedle The Bard.

Honestly, I get really excited every week when I see that someone has used this prompt. I love seeing how creative people are and the beautiful teas and teacups they own.

I was looking through all the pictures again, and loving them and suddenly thought, “Why not try a whole month?”. So I did. I don’t know right now if I’ll do it every month, or if this will be a once off. I don’t know if I’ll have time to keep up with my own prompts even, but I wanted to just give it a try. I do know I’d love to see everyone’s pics, and at the end of each week I will shout out my favourite from each day’s prompt. I hope you’ll join me and jump in on some of the days.

And here it is : #BookWolfJune19



  1. June TBR
  2. Cancer Survivours Day – books about cancer or authors who have battled cancer
  3. Repeat Day – redo an old photo of yours
  4. #TeaAndTalesTuesday – your favourite fairytale
  5. World environment day – take your book outside or bring some outside in to your books
  6. #RussianLanguageDay – your favourite book set in or inspired by Russia
  7. Doughnut Day – show some doughnut love
  8. World Ocean Day – stories or titles set in the sea  
  9. Borrowed books – books you don’t own yourself 
  10. Monday Blues – all the blue books
  11. #TeaAndTalesTuesday – Your favourite tea
  12. #SupermanDay – Superheroes!!
  13. International Axe Throwing Day – book or covers featuring axes
  14. International bath day – celebrate Archimedes with a book and bath
  15. Book Besties – copy your besties photo, a book you borrowed from your bestie, or besties in a book
  16. Youth Day – book written by a young author
  17. #MapMonday 
  18. #TeaAndTalesTuesday – it’s my birthday so show me your favourite birthday tales or tea parties
  19. Garfield the cat day – Garfield, marmalade cats, lasagne… get creative 
  20. #Thorsday – your favourite character, story, pet or anything named Thor
  21. #FollowFriday – your favourite authors that you would recommend 
  22. #Caturday – books about cats, your cats being props, books written by cats : show cat love
  23. Sunday Funday – fun layout
  24. Monday No-Blues 
  25. #TeaAndTalesTuesday
  26. #BookWitchWednesday – witchy tales (started by @bibliomaniac_meg)
  27. Gifted – a book you’ve given or received as a gift
  28. “I’m a lumberjack and it’s okay” – Paul Bunyan Day
  29. June Book Haul 
  30. June Wrap Up